About Us

Crystal Technology & Industries, Inc. CTI is strategically located in Addison Texas, USA. CTI is a fast growing company that manufactures instruments and supplies for the medical and scientific research communities. CTI headquarters occupies 400,000 square feet of building space that includes offices, manufacturing, research and development facilities and warehouse space.

R & D and Production Site

CTI’s goal is to provide total customer satisfaction of our products in addition to our before and after service. Our approach utilizes the expertise and skills of our more than 40 professional engineers in our Research and Development department who maintain close liaisons with several major life-science research institutions and hospitals to incorporate leading edge technologies into our products. CTI’s team of quality control personnel and failure analysis engineers continue to set high standards for researchers with the latest tools and instruments developed from joint ventures with other manufacturers of advanced analytical scientific instruments.

Warehouse Facility

CTI headquarters coordinates its global business activities providing continuous service and support for our customers throughout North America and other parts of the world. CTI prides itself in its ability to provide efficient and rapid service to our customers. Our company has developed several product lines with over 400 product items. With CTI’s continued growth, our product offering continues to increase alongside our share of the global market.