FreezeCell(Hexagon shape)



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Easy to use:
No need to add any liquid or pre-cooling,simply put your samples directly into theFreezerCell™, and keep all your samples in a -80℃ low temperature environment.

Easy open lid, and you can hold the FreezerCell™ directly from the -80℃ freezer without any concern of rostbite
to your fingers.

Transfer the samples conveniently, you can remove the whole box or an individual sample at any

Low cost:
No maintenance costs, no need to replace anything. Once you purchase the FreezerCell™,it will serve you for years to come.

Reuse the FreezerCell™ over and over,5-minute turnaround

The FreezerCell™ foot print is minimal, and won’t use up a lot of freezer space.

Higher cell survival rate:
Cooling rate consistency is very good, freeze an individual experimental, or a full load. The cooling rate on each sample is the same every

Simply put the samples to be frozen into FreezerCell™, and apply the lid. The FreezerCell™ must be placed
in a -80℃ environment for at least 3 hours, during the cooling period, do not opened during the cooling
process. A􀅌er the cooling processing is complete, the sample can be removed and transferred to liquid
nitrogen tank for long term storage. If you need to reuse the FreezerCell™ quickly, simply open the lid and
remove the tray, let them both return to room temperature, then you are ready to use again.